2016: A Summary (Part 2)

30 November 2016

BOY. I know it's been so long.
Me and my best friend, the procrastination, been together again I know. So without anymore rambling, let's continue to the next part!
  • May 
My graduations month! Ulala (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Although there are many things to takes care, this will be very brief pointed explanations to sum up this month activities. Before 18th of May basically my activities was working at SDM UGM on the daytime, while attended TOEFL preparation class after office. On my free time, I'm searching for klenik klenik wisuda, lol. Such as booking MUA, scrolling to a dozen pages of make up looks and nailarts (me, being hyperbolic, I know), and finally hunting kebaya wisuda.
Approaching my wisuda day, my grandmum (accompanied by my auntie, coz she did not feel so well atm) come around the town to attend the wisuda ceremony. And very fcuking finally, on May 18th I graduated from law school, bitchas! Well, little did I know that suffering was about to begin atm, but, at least I have a major happiness-rush (is dis even a word??) on that day. I did take the mandatory studio photo with my family and Taek-A, and end up eating late lunch together. My graduation day was not as perfect as I planned to be, but, I guess nothings perfect, tho. So yeah, cool.
Things that I didn't expect was so many people came by to congratulate me on that day. And, you know, on that day everything felt so good. It's very easy to felt thankful, pure joy, blessed, and cheerful on the bright, sunny day like those day. I must think that I might be a little bit optimistic that day, If I'm capable to feel such a thing. But, yeah, despite everything that I ended up today, those day really felt the blast.

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah. Thanks to all folks who came that day despite of every obstacles.
Taek-A, Ukhti, KKN-JTM 19, Danies, Bunga, Ruth, DEMA, Barokah Family, Pubdok, and My Family.

And yes, you can easily tell that May 2016 was the highlight month of this year. This is my personal favorite month in 2016 where everything running smoothly and full of blessings. Well, I wish I could say December, but nah. My luck was never even that great.
Another thing that I want to add is Captain America: Civil War released on early this month in Indonesia! YAAS! (◕‿◕✿) But sadly, unlike so many MCUs installment that I will manage to watch on the premiere date, I cannot watch it on the first day. So many things to take care of. WHY. But I actually watched it for two times at my local cinema. YES, it was great. BUT ALSO FRIGGIN YES, it was HEARTBREAKING. GOD DAMN IT, STEVE! WHY YOU HURT TONY??? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
Ugh, sorry, I'm so mad at Steve Rogers even till this exact day. I friggin hate you, Steve.


Also, this movie make me ship Stony so hard even more, I CANNOT.

  • June
Well, believe it or not, starting of this month, my stories will get so lame and boring.
And maybe in between that, I will also tell you many unfortunatess event in my life (since my life basically a never ending circle of failures and unfortunate events, lol). Short to say that nothing exciting happened. My brief work at SDM UGM ended, and I basically have nothing do other than daydreaming for my next step. I also would like to say that I'm a little bit slowing down on this month after a rushed and pumped three past months. Maybe its my unconscious that telling me to do so and take a little break, maybe it's because the holy month of Ramadhan, or maybe I'm just a very lazy ass muthafuqah. Ugh. 😴😴😴
Anee-way, things that I want to highlight are (1) I did coloring my hair!! For the first time in forever, lool. I paint my hair with ombre colors of light brown to purple. Its a great color, but sadly I didn't enjoying much my color due to few things that suddenly happened soon after I colored my hairs. But it washed out into a beautiful pinkish color. (2) A devastating moments happened this month. Sinta's father passed away on this June. I kinda forget the exact that, but its before Ramadhan. I really have no idea that her father's health deterioration would led into this devastating news. May the late Sinta's father rest in peace. (3) Another sad news, on this month, Anton Yelchin passed away at the age of 27, a month before the Star Trek Beyond released. It is truly a sad loss. I thought on 8th of July we'll gonna celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with bells and whistles, but we have to loss our precious crew a month before franchise anniversary. So hearbreaking. So long, прапорщик Чехов, Павел Андреевич. Вам будет недоставать, любовь моя. (4) Nabilah is coming back to town!! YASS, my baby bff is coming back home. We did arrange a bukber (buka berdua, or preferably buka berdosa since neither one of us being fasting dat day, lmao) at Sushi Tei. (6) Me and My family planned and booked a trip to Hong Kong, Macau, and Shenzhen (5) Lastly, me and Bandari did made a (late) our graduation celebration with Taek-A at Tentrem Hotel. We arrange a bukber aka dinner there, to celebrate life, togetherness, and being thankful for everythings. Yes, life's always has it ups and downs, but at least with these peoples by my side, things ain't gonna be that bad.

  • July
Another month, another lame story with lack of progress. On July, the Ramadhan month continues and we finally celebrate the Ied El-Fitr early this month. Our family celebrated it properly like we usually celebrate it, Shalat Ied, sungkeman, visiting our relatives, things like that. And, since Ied El-Fitr kinda cordial with family bonding and vacations, we also gone for a short trip and escape. We went to shore areas in Bantul area, such Pantai Samas and Pantai Goa Cemara. A few days after that, we also gone for a little hiking. We visited some great outdoors in Gunung Kidul area, specifically Pathuk. Like, Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran, Embung Nglanggeran, and end up having lunch at Pantai Pok Tunggal. Nice experience.
That's actually all, if I want I could combine July and August in one subheading. But there is another thing I want to talk about in this month, which is The 50th Anniversary of Star Trek Franchises and Star Trek Beyond!

Star Trek Beyond released in Indonesia in the middle of July. Although its disappointing trailer, this movie is unbelievably awesome! It is everything every Trekkies want on the first place. Exciting plot and thrilling action till the end, space adventure themes screamed everywhere, bridge crew (even the entire enterprise's crew) feels. Also among other things, this movie gave us a proper appreciation towards the original series cast, along with a proper goodbye towards the late Nimoy and Yelchin. No, they are not blowing up our Original Series legacy, they keeping up the series spirits alive. And I'm about to cry everytime I watch this beautiful movie.


and how could I did not mentions BROMANCES (+mckirk!!!!), also MORE SCREENTIME FOR BONES (YAAAS ٩( ゚ヮ゚)۶) I'M SO HAPPY!!! (。◕‿‿◕。)

OHMYGOD, look at my babies!!!!!!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
  • August
On August, I did nothing much except for getting information and preparing documents for scholarship. My parents and my aunts family went to Jakarta to attend my cousins engagement party. But, unfortunate things happened. In the same time, my grandmum's health deteriorating rapidly. Her condition get worsen, that my Mum eventually did not 100% attended the engagement. Mum's stayed at Jakarta afterwards, while Father came back home. This week where the chaos begin. As I mentioned on June, we've already booked an overseas trip. And due to my grandmum health deterioration, we cannot take the risk of going on a vacation while her condition could get worsen in any times. My parents decided to pending our trip, and leave the responsibility to do so to me. Whoa, I really need to mention that it was a whole new super-tiring and horrific experience for me. 😥😥😥 I need rechecked and rescheduling our departure date, contacted the airline to reschedule our flight (AND yeah, rescheduling an international flight is super duper rempong, not to mention super expensive, tho ಥ_ಥ), I contacted our four hotel at three different country to cancel our booking and eventually make another booking, which is not easy since many of their rooms booked. WHOA, whatta experience. It was horrific, but it was so, so worth it. I cannot imagine if I'm unable to did that thing properly. Plus, I gain many skill in communicating, coordinating, and traveling. Lmao.

As in for fandoming things, I'm watching BIGBANG10: MADE The Movie. A documentary movie about BIGBANG's latest concert, MADE that being held for celebrating BIGBANG's 10th years anniversary. Luckily, my local cinema palying this movie so I am able to enjoy this movie. THIS MOVIE IS LIT! (◕‿◕✿) I'm so proud of my babies!💖

Holy, Moly, I only intent this to be a two-shoot, why it end up more????
Well yeah, let's continue to another piece of my lame story. Off to the next post, we go!


2016: A Summary (Part 1)

13 Oktober 2016

I mean, gimana ceritanya sih 2016 udah mau abis aja?????

Ehem. Jadi gini. 
Karena (mostly) saya gabut, dan sadar kalau 2016 tinggal 2 BULAN LAGI (ikr???? Dua bulan lagi, how come???). So I decided that I will make a little summary. Just a little notes thingy, you know, in order to keeping my memory straight. It just like, 2016 is such a hard-ass year for me. There are so many breakthrough happened this year, at least for my personal self. I feel like I'm growing into something, and I wouldn't let this progress slipped away. I don't want every bit of it sunk into another shapeless memories. Well, let's get it started then!
  • January 
Hey, I usually love January! It's like, a good place to start over or something, right? Not to mention, it's my birth-month. Lol. So yes, January then. In a brief word, I remembered my January as struggle. I mean, I'm basically struggle in daily basis, but here I'm mostly talking about my undergraduate-thesis. Back in 7th Semester day, I set my goals to be able to graduated in February. But, it's another pepesan kosong, tho... ☹☹  So yeah, I didn't make it through February batch. Things that I regret the most is I gave up my new years eve (as well as Mum's birthday on January 2nd) at Lampung due to finishing my thesis, while it eventually didn't finished on January as I planned. But hey, at least I tried. I guess. (On a second thought, I got an exam on the last day of 2015, so maybe it's not exactly pointless missing the new years eve.)
OH, I also got a straight A in this 7th Semester. SOO, yeay?? Finally I made it after 3,5 years in college. HAHAHA. (sorry I brag, but seriously, this is my blog, I write what I want
After 18th of January (which is I personally called "the day I accept the inevitable"), my thesis progress is so god-damn-slow. Because, you know, personal healing and writers blocking. And finally, the day I turn 22. It was a fair birthday, my first (and hopefully not the last) birthday I got to celebrate with my mate, Taek-A (I'll introduce them later. Yes, I know I will procrastinate. No, I still want to write about them BUT later.). They're actually did their best with the suppose to be surprise, but still, knowing them, it is a total failure, lol.
Fast forward, on January 30th, me and my family went to Jakarta in order to giving my Opung a birthday surprise. It was wonderful. I personally feel very happy we actually made it through the party on that special day, knowing the truth that we cannot did that again next year.

*huhuhu, michin deushiiii, nunmuri naaa* *sfx: 2AM*
  • February 
Nothing much happened. I still did my struggling towards my thesis. I mean, idk that it would be that hard. I used to think I will be able to get done with this mess once I taking the thesis seriously, but I completely wrong. It is hard. My frickin' thesis is hard as rock, tapi ya, untung shayang sama hukum lingkungan. Jadi ya, keep calm and read the journals, dude.

In line of talking the self-esteem issue, the February Graduation's batch is coming along. My self-esteem was kinda ruined, but hey, at least my colleagues did great. Wahyu did make it as one of the wisudawan list, as well as 14 fellas (I guess? If I'm not mistaken, tho) from our angkatan 2012.
Oh, also Abah's birthday is on February 27th! We did some surprise. You know, by the holy advice aka Titah from Tetet, we made a some-kind-of-party-planner-birthday-surprise-but-not-even-close. I personally remember that as super-rempong birthday surprise, lol. But at the end of the day, It was a success. We bring the party and enjoy the night, as always.

  • March
I FINALLY made some progress. I spent almost everyday in J.Co Lippo Mall or Perpus Lantai 3. Because, you know, I can't trust my room nor Rumah's WIFI. I always end up doing something else instead of writing. So yeah, my thesis finally decided to spoke to me and gave me some senses. I work my ass out. BUT I still feel like I'm running out of time. Hell, Bandari was doing so good with her thesis, her draft was already finished like a long time ago and actually get reviewed so many times. While, on the other hands, I haven't finished my draft. My heart did a little jump when I heard Bandari's got her Acc while I basically not even doing any official progress ಥ_ಥ
Thankfully, on March 15th I (frickin' finally) Finished my draft and brought it to my DPS to get it reviewed. Little did I know contacting your lecturer was a total nightmare. I can't reach him at so many times. I mean, I did collected my draft and he got my thesis. But I didn't get any respond afterwards. I did text him at March 23rd but I still haven't got response. HUHUHU. Good news came in March 27th when I finally man up and text him for the second time. AND HE DID REPLY. He ask me to met him on March 30th. Thump-thump-thump.
AND, in a brief sentence, *drumrolls* the meeting goes very well! We did talk here and there about the issues that being brought to my thesis. He asked me to points out my conclusion, and I guess I explained it very well. Lol. Soon after, he just asked me to fixed up my footnote and daftar pustaka, and I quote "udah sih itu aja, habis itu saya Acc".
YEAAAY!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

 OH! Also, Bandari's birthday is on 18th. I did make some props, and we throw a surprise on Koki Joni. It was one of hella fun night (thanks to bean boozled challenge and stuff, lol).

  • April
Even though I already got the "Nanti Saya Acc" on March, I got my official Acc on April 4th. Hell, It was a lot of penantian though, HEHEHE. Bandari juga sama sih, walaupun doi duluan acc dibanding saya, she haven't got the jadwal sidang yet until I get my Acc. Kalau hukum lingkungan sih selo, begitu acc → urus administrasi → minta ttd dps, dpa → ketemu ketua departemen → dapet jadwal sama penguji. Nah, perdata yang berada ribet penantian. ( ⚆ _ ⚆)
So, after I got my jadwal sidang (which is on April 11th), I heard from Bandari that we got the same day. Wo-hoo, what a coincidence! It such a pleasure to be able to fighting together on the same day with her! (Since, you know, she's my friend from day 0 in FH UGM). Long short story (I will save the full story on another post, YES ANOTHER POST. I JUST WILL, OKAY.), Me and Bandari did graduated from law school! AW-YEAH! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・
And soon after the thesis defense, I need to move fast and get done with revisi (which is, revisi kata pengantar just because it contains unacademic words such as 'ghibah'. UGH. WHY??), and soon after I need to ngurus wisuda. WHICH IS, Innallaha ma'ashobirin laa haula walaa quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil ‘adziim, gue rasa lebih susah ngurus wisudanya lho daripada sidangnya. Gile bener nih ya. I do not exactly remembuh apa aja syarat wisuda, but I distinctly remember it was so much rempong than what's written on the list. Berkali-kali lho gue ditolak sana-sini buat ngurus wisuda, gimana ceritanya nih udah lulus tapi skripsinya di tolak mulu. ಠ╭╮ಠ
But, anyway, I did completed the syarat wisuda tanggal 18 April. Which is 2 hari sebelum penutupan. Emang si kampret.

Another things to add, are (1) Adek's birthday on April 7th. I, once again, did the prep, and throwing some birthday surprise in her room. It kinda fail, but It was still okay? LOL. (2) We did a little escape in Kalibiru, it was a fun experience tho! (3) Soon after I completed the syarat wisuda, I got a call from Academic asking me to assist some project in Direktorat Sumber Daya Manusia UGM. And, yeah, It was a very interesting opportunity. I took the project with my old-time working partner (lol, we did literally working together in so many group projects tho in the past), Anas. So you guess it right, it was end up 'ngekek-ngekek saja' while actually adding some decent things on my CV. HA! ☜(˚▽˚)☞

It was all for this post, jump to the next part!