Keeping My Sanity

13 April 2014

I'm actually don't know what to write, but it feels like I need to do it. Well, it keeps my sanity stay, though. Other than fandom-ing (is it really a word, lmao), this is things that keep me in one piece, really.

So, Hello!

How's life? Nah, its all fine, just fine. Not a perfectly smooth one neither a total mess, but at least nothing's goes wrong by the time I'm writing this. Except for I'm now in my mid-term week and so friggin many this semester's subjects haunted me into some exhausted point, gotta say. So, merely saying, that I'm actually need to study for this monday test, but I'm too unmotivated to do such a thingduh. Not to mention that this fourth semester's materials is a total pain in the ass, it wore my brains out dude. God, I hate law schools...

Anyway, I'm now officially a part of journalism organization in my university level, I've been accepted in the R&D department. Its actually have been long way and long story before I get officially inaugurated. Many tasks need to be handled simultaneously with my faculty things. Not really an easy one, tho. (especially for me, the one who never did many things too handle at the same time and socially retarded). But, hey, at least I'm accomplishing something in here.

Fandom things? Hmm, I'm actually kinda inactive this past few weeks. The things that keeping me in touch with my fandom is phone-tumblring and reading some fics, its all happened again after I've done my tasks, which is merely this past few days (and its friggin corrupted by this on-going mid-term week, ugh). I've been craving for continuing watching Star Trek TOS, Almost Human, or Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D, but I don't really got a time TT_TT  but Thank God, I still got a chance to watch Captain America : The Winter Soldier's premier at my local cinema. I think I'm gonna write some review about it later, but, need to say this movie is a TRULY good stuff. Action-packed and very unpredictable plot. Love it!

So basically this post just me being grouchy about things happened recently. But the shits will stop, eventually. And after this mid-term done, I'm going to Bali for such an escape from my very exhausting reality. So excited and looking forward for some sun, beaches, and summer breeze there, hopefully its turn out into a good and relaxing one!

Leonard McCoy said once, a little suffering is good for soul. So be it.
I need to passed all this suffer to achieved the good things, yo.

(((('SCUSE ME, but WHY you need to relate every SINGLE thing with Star Trek or McKirk, self??))))

Sorry, but, I'm not sorry. 

Fiiiigght~~ ( ‾▿‾)9

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