Life Long and Prosper.

20 Januari 2014

So, another birthday post appreciation. Well, it's midnight and it's my twentieth birthday, and all I did after all this years was joining another fandom... productive.


Okay, serious part.
So, yes, self-birthday wishes for year ahead. I don't asked many, just be functional. You don't need to be happy, self. Damn it, you don't even need to be okayjust be friggin functional and do whatever you need to do. Just, accomplish something, do the right things, stay healthy and stuff.
And do something interesting if you have any chances. Even its you, but still, you can't please everyone every damn time, please do something for yourself at least once.

*captain kirk and doctor mccoy approves; lol*

Since its my birthday and I love mckirk to death, so I just gonna make them toast for me and hugged each other as my birthday present.

*bgm : Kangen Band - Terbang Bersamaku*

Actually, January 20th is also Dr. Leonard H. McCoy and the late DeForest Kelley birthday, so, yippie! Happy birthday to you too, bby. Love you to the moon and back!!! 



DeForest Kelley should be turning 94 if he's still alive by now, it's a pity that I never had a chance to know him before he passed away. From what I know, from what he'd remembered for, he was a very, very gentle gentleman. A humble man and very dearly loved friend.

Happy birthday, Sir! I wish that I would have had the chance to meet you and let you know just how much your role in the Trek world has meant to all of trekkies.

For a great man he is, Rest in Peace. You have been always and shall be dearly missed.

*ugh how much nimoy missed him is killing me, just UGH*

May his memory Life Long and Prosper.


SO telling me again why I'm turning my birthday appreciation post into something melodramatic about De Kelley? GOD HELP ME, i'm nearly in tears right now because of him ;A;

Gotta out by now, just hoping 2014 will be okay.
(ps  i wasted about 2 hours to made this post, JUST why...)


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