18 November 2012

I want to go anywhere, get lost, as far as I can... with you...
Then I realize that what we need is a destination; a house.
By the time I realize, that's the time you left me in this empty road, with a thousands keys.
You told me that you will wait for me inside the house, when you never told me which house.
You left right away.

Yes, I try to find the house. But my minds keep bugging...

There's so many locked doors before I could got inside the house.
There's so many keys to match with the doors so it could be unlocked.
And you never help me to find the right key to open the door.
You never help me to get inside the house.

I'm tired staring at the doors meanwhile what I need is getting inside the house....

But, actually, how to go inside the house when the track of finding the doorthe track of finding youhave also disappeared?

Now I don't see the houses, I don't even see at the doors that I've been waiting to be unlocked. It all disappeared. I left alone in the middle of nowhere, blinded by my mind, lost in the empty road that I've choose to wait for someone who will bring me to the right house.
I don't see you anymore; and I feel so lost.

That was so fast, do I already clearly forgotten?
Or am I never existed in your mind?
I don't think you'll ever wanted to be with me.


Relatable mindset kunci, pintu, jalan, dan rumah.
Udah lama sebenernya pingin bikin analogi dari kode-kode ini, tapi nggak pernah sempet ;p dan kebetulan hujan minggu ini /halah/ bisa menciptakan kesyahduan sampe bisa menelurkan yang entah apalah ini sajak, roman, atau apa, short-fiction sih jelas bukan, haha.

(ps: image credits, not mine. All from google images)



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